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Yasmin is a highly acclaimed tutor and choreographer. In addition to teaching internationally at the Sydney and Western Australian Middle Eastern Dance Festivals, Yasmin teaches at UK festivals Celebrating Dance, Fantasia, Le Petit Souk, Majma, Midlands Arabic Dance Extravaganza and Wiggle It, as well as her own South Coast MED Fest, and is an honorary member of the Wessex Arabic Dance Association. Yasmin currently also takes workshops in South West France.

Yasmin is available to take workshops in the following styles:
Folk, Baladi, Classical and Modern Egyptian Dance
Turkish Gypsy (Karsilama)
Moorish Gypsy (Zambra Mora)
Latin Arabic Fusion
North African
Props: Veil, Scarves, Stick, Finger Cymbals, Tambourine

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Mondays 7.00-8.00pm commencing
11 March 2013
At Plush Corner, 239a Ashley Road, Parkstone, Poole BH14 9DS




Your haflas are always the best attended.  I think it's your relaxed approach to it all that makes them such fun, and the people are all so nice and friendly.  Again many thanks, I know you probably put in hours getting it all together but it was worth it.

Luisa Taylor


Thank you for such a delightful hafla and workshop. I especially enjoyed the Chorus Line routine. Tony had me in stitches and it was wonderful to see you dance at such close quarters as you are absolutely captivating! You and Tony make for an incredibly entertaining team.

Many thanks for a wonderful time.

Lots of love,

Enquiries to:

phone (+44) 01202 740279

mobile: 07767 366433








Yasmin Asar

What they say:

"Yasmin is a fantastic dancer and teacher. I have done several of her workshops and I have always learnt some lovely new moves."

"An excellent teacher. I have learnt a lot."

"More please. Yasmin was very nice, the workshop was fun."

"Excellent workshop, most enjoyable and instructive."

"I have been to Yasmin's classes before and have always enjoyed them."

"Yasmin is always excellent. I thoroughly enjoy her workshops."

"Dear Yasmin and Tony
Thank you so much for helping make this year's Majma so magical!  Many of the Divas and Dancers commented on how lovely you are and how they enjoyed your class.  We do hope you will join us again.
Lots of love,"
Raheesha and The Desert Divas

"Hi Yasmin,
I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your scarf gypsy choreography at Majma 2008.  I also really enjoyed the live violin playing - I am used to a live drum but the violin was completely new to me and it was great.
Many thanks,"
Jane Coello

"Hi Yasmin,
I was at your fabulous Ouled Nayl and Saaidi workshops in Huddersfield on Saturday (2/6/2007).  Thank you again and again for coming to see us! Peace to you, lovely lady,"

Kirstin Ramskire, South Pennines

 "Dear Yasmin,
So enjoyed your 'Latin' class at Celebrating Dance - we're endeavouring to teach it to the rest of the group at the moment, and loving it!"

Ann Spry, Minehead

"Dear Yasmin and Tony,
Just a quick note to thank you for such a lovely and exciting workshop Yasmin, and for being such a great support Tony! Everyone I spoke to had glowing comments about how good the workshops were and how lovely a person you were … facts which I had been shouting from the rooftops for months! We are looking forward to your return visit in the New Year."

Sue Wyson, Cardiff