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Yasmin Asar

As one of the founder members of the Belly Dance movement in the UK, during the early 1980’s Yasmin pioneered to promote traditional Egyptian dance and helped to set-up flourishing groups in England which have since expanded across the counties. In recognition of her services, she has been given honorary life membership of the Wessex Arabic Dance Association. Yasmin is a highly acclaimed tutor and choreographer, and has travelled as far as Australia to share her knowledge and skills with enthusiasts. She teaches her own unique and elegant style of Egyptian dance, has made several TV appearances in the UK and abroad, and has directed various arts theatre productions.

Yasmin has been performing professionally world-wide for over twenty years, captivating audiences with her natural passion. Renowned for her sensuous fluidity, skilful isolations and entertaining drama, Yasmin dances from the heart with elegance and spontaneity, and has danced for both sheiks and pop stars.

Highlights of Yasmin's illustrious career include 'dancing in' the New Year of 1994 at 5 venues in the Sheraton Dubai, performing the main cabaret spot to welcome in the New Year of 1995 at a multi-millionaire Sheik's banquet on the Saudi border, and later that year entertaining at super-star Peter Gabriel's private party in Bath, performing at the luxury 5-star Cliff Bay Resort in Madeira during the summer of 1996, and performing in Australia, as the U.K's invited guest, at the Sydney 2000 Middle Eastern Dance Festival with a follow-up 2001 tour, 2003 New Year in Cyprus and 2004 in the Canary Islands, and being international guest performer at the 2005 Western Australian Middle Eastern Dance Festival. In 2006 and 2007 Yasmin produced her own UK festival - the South Coast MED Fest. In 2008, Yasmin was Planet Egypt's Star Showcase Performer at The Darbucka Club, London. Yasmin now teaches and performs in South West France.

Click here to see a Gallery of photographs of Yasmin in performance.

Yasmin’s stunning shows are both soulful and vibrant with a variety of styles and moods to entrance and inspire, including sword balancing, the magic of silk veils and an exciting and energetic drum solo. Colourful costumes enhance the mystical mood, and the audience is often invited to participate.

Yasmin's professional cabaret engagements include international restaurants, corporate and hotel functions, Eastern-theme parties, banquets, weddings, etc.

Reviews from "Flowers of the Desert" theatre show:

Press: "Particularly impressive was Yasmin's dance with a single piece of silk that flowed with such fluidity it became her dance partner."

Mosaic: "Yasmin danced lusciously floating moves with a gorgeous silk veil, before showing off her interpretation and isolation skills to a tabla solo."

Taqasim: "A brilliant performance by Yasmin ….. first she performed a beautiful and mysterious veil dance which lead cleverly into an energetic and exciting tabla solo. Yasmin's isolations are second to none, she conveyed the audience from one mood to another, with skill that makes her such a good entertainer."



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