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Live to dance and dance to live

Yasmin Asar

Filmed at eleven different venues world-wide, including night clubs, theatres, art centres, etc., experience the live atmosphere as Yasmin captivates audiences with her natural passion.

Styles featured:

Cabaret, Classical Egyptian, Baladi, North African and Turkish Gypsy, skilfully embellished with sensuous use of veil, stick, finger cymbals, scarves, sword, candles, plus floor work, tabla solos, interpretation of rhythms to live drumming, excerpts from theatrical shows, live music etc.


98 min VHS PAL - £16 + P&P

A quote from a satisfied customer: "I just had to write to tell you I thought the video was brilliant, excellent choreography, wonderful variety of dancing, music and your costumes!!! Such diverse colours! Excellent and I have to agree totally with your decision to compile from your video scrapbook. I was totally enthralled from beginning to end."

Brenda S, Basingstoke.

To order either by email:

Or phone (+44) 01202 740279



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