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Yasmin Asar

"Dear Yasmin,
I live north of Aberdeen, and got your instructional video about a year ago. After having both hips replaced twice, I was totally down ....... you have given me a reason that life is still worth living, and I have now joined the local belly dance group. Thank you for your inspiration, you are a joy to watch. I would like to order your dance video."

Linda Clarke

Instructional Video
On a one-to-one basis, learn preparatory exercises, arm movements, isolations, fluid and percussive techniques, travelling steps/Egyptian Walk and choreographed routine. Also included is performance, improvisation and class work with an intriguing narration on the evolution of the dance.

90 min VHS PAL
£16 + P&P

To order either by email:

Or phone (+44) 01202 740279




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