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Belly Dancing with Props DVD

Belly Dancing with Props DVD


An Entertaining Instructional and Performance Guide to Dancing with a variety of traditional Props to add Fun and Drama to your Belly Dance skills



Letter from a satisfied customer

Jennifer A.
United States

Hi Yasmin,

I just finished watching your DVD.  It was worth the wait. (Post U.S.A.)  You dance beautifully ..... I especially love your usage of the cane ..... your balancing technique is impressive.  I loved your mystical veil performance as well.  It was so nice to spend 90 minutes with you!

Take care,


Jennifer A, New Jersey, United States

April 2007


Another satisfied customer

Carol W.
Newport, South Wales

Hi Yasmin,

I found your DVD an invaluable teaching aid last autumn when I did my first solo with a veil at a hafla. I used several of your suggestions within the choreography. Really enjoyed it!

Carol W, Newport, South Wales

August 2006


Another satisfied customer

Pauline S.

Dear Yasmin,

I have recently purchased your Dancing with Props DVD and I am absolutely delighted with it. It is a credit to you and also the ladies who performed with you at your haflas. I love the music used too.

Best Wishes,

Pauline S, Huddersfield

February 2006


Another satisfied customer

Gary C.

Hi Yasmin,

Many thanks for finding the time to sign my copy of your latest DVD.

You are as beautiful as always. What really impressed me though, Yasmin, was your unselfishness. Nice that you should include your students throughout the programme.

It was very much instructional, of course, so I have decided to give the DVD to my belly dancing friend Tina.

Tony's magic DVD looks great fun.

Good luck to you both.

Thanks again, Yasmin.


Gary C, Lincs

February 2006


Another satisfied customer

Sinead B.

Dear Yasmin,

I received your DVD this morning and watched it straight through! I really enjoyed it and will have many rewatches. Thank you very much.


Sinead B. Bristol

February 2006


Another satisfied customer

Jean R.

Dear Yasmin,

Thanks so much for some brilliant ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your DVD - Lots of clear instruction on Veil and Stick with opportunities to try out moves whilst soaking up the live atmosphere of your haflas, plus some good pointers on what to do with other props too. I'd never thought of actually dancing with a tambourine! It was great seeing the various props used in a performance setting - Your dancing, choreography and costumes are stunning.

Thanks again,


Jean R, Northampton

September 2005