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Tony and Yasmin Risotto’s Comedy Magic Instructional, by demonstration, DVD highlights in real life, terrifying performance conditions, all the disciplines required, and just how to present and perform Comedy Magic to its maximum effect.


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Cabaret, theatre shows, clubs, etc, are where magicians wish to work (sometimes for love, but mostly for money and fame), and so this Comedy Magic DVD will visually help prepare anyone for the glamorous, glittering, and sometimes quite lucrative world of entertainment.

Each venue, logistically and audience wise, or in some cases not so wise, presents the performer with its own individual challenges. You can watch, learn, and see some of Tony Risotto (Comedy Magician and international cabaret artist)’s classic routine presentations, derived from his own individual brain cells. Some of the illusions have baffled, not only Tony and his lovely assistant, but millions of audience members, many of whom have almost expired with laughter and mirth. ‘Laugher and Mirth’, by the way, were a famous double act, now sadly extinct, but fortuitously bequeathing all their unfulfilled gigs to Tony Risotto!

Tony and Yasmin’s live examples of their speciality act demonstrate visually and audibly how this kind of material will work, big or small, in any language, and in any sense of humour venues. Just observe, analyse, and absorb all the vital elements displayed in these live clips. It should influence you and help you to become a good, professional performer. If your confidence, material, presentation, lighting and sound are of the best quality, you will ultimately capture the attention and the imagination of those you wish to entertain.

A variety and wealth of essential Comedy Magic performance, routine structure, creativity, production, direction, stage craft, presentation, and many other essential ingredients can be absorbed and learnt with the academic study and scrutiny of the classic works and Conjuring Art, so helpfully and altruistically displayed on Tony and Yasmin Risotto’s Comedy Magic instructional, by demonstration, DVD.

Tony’s slick and absorbing act derives from many tough years on the road with frustrating delays in sweltering foreign airport terminals, working comedy clubs, theatres, summer and winter seasons, six years on luxury cruise liners, and foreign contracts that have encompassed the globe. He has executed his stage craftsmanship, original comedy magic expertise, and subtle, observant whit to all nationalities, including TV and Radio appearances, as well as obscure programmes, like Maltese Television’s New Year’s Eve party! ….. which, incidentally, took place during the previous morning, so that people wouldn’t be run over on the busy highway, trying to cross over to get into the studio.


The Trunk of Doom was one of Tony’s first creative routines. Using a traditional prop-sub-trunk, he turned it from a staid, dusty old, splinter ridden boring object, into a hilarious, but stunningly climatic piece. It always holds an audience spell bound, guffawing with mirth, sometimes choking on their chips with laughter, and then ultimately, completely bedridden with amazement!

The Dancing Records routine demonstrates quite clearly how to embellish a magic trick with amusing, but slick, colourful choreography. This novel idea keeps the routine moving, and holds the audience’s attention. You will see how Tony has used music to create a humorous atmosphere.

The Cabinet of Death evolved from Tony’s idea of a traditional sword cabinet routine, into a rip-roaring, slap stick set, incorporating controlled mayhem, and a dynamic visual punch line which invariably leaves the punters convulsing, in ruptures, wetting themselves, and ultimately receiving therapy! They take no prisoners! Take out insurance!

The Saw of Terror takes a classic prop and embellishes it with a totally unique and incredibly amazing piece of comedy magic creativity. It has a surreal ‘wedding’ theme that Tony and Yasmin actually performed at their own splendid wedding which, incidentally, was televised.
The choreography of this routine is subtle, but you’ll observe that it features bitingly obvious visual humour, producing side splitting laughter. Good for moral. Bizarre!

The Rising Up is more of a balancing act than anything else, but what it does is illustrate quite obviously how a couple of simple embellishments, a hula-hoop, and a rag on a stick, can produce a warm and very amusing piece.

The Sword Swallowing - subtly and movement reign supreme. Watch and learn.

Plus…. the Corny Candle, Severed Wrist, Magazine, and Burning Bird (featuring Burty the Budgie) ….. etc.

Remember, none of this comes easy; much soul searching, blood, sweat, and crying is involved. Sometimes disappointment prevails; there’s no pension at the end of it, so if you don’t make the big time, you’re doomed to live out your old age, combing a moth-eaten old toupee, in a little garret surrounded by shabby, forlorn dusty old props, dog-eared posters, and faded memories of long since dulled applause. So don’t let that happen, buy the DVD, watch, and learn.

We hope you enjoy, but most of all, learn something from what you see. It’s pleasing to know that all the hard graft, sweat, grazed knuckles, splinters, hurt feelings, total unrelenting dedication, and the conscientious commitment of Tony and Yasmin Risotto has had the satisfying result of filling so many people, in so many venues, with so much pleasure, humour, and warmth. For a few precious moments, in a world of uncertainty, global warming, dwindling oil supplies, buy one get one free, rising sea levels, the destruction of the rain forests, general chaos, and commotion, Tony and Yasmin Risotto have been able to give the planet the gift of a little nectar in the shape of Comedy Magic and Belly Dancing.
We hope you have enjoyed your time with Tony and Yasmin Risotto.

Thank you, and good night, even if it’s during the day!



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