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Tony and Yasmin

Comedy Magic and Belly Dancing

Tony and Yasmin give you a fast, funny and refreshingly different presentation.

Classic magic and illusion are craftily embellished with comedy and exotic dance.

Tony and Yasmin have performed throughout the world, including a 3 month Australian tour and over 6 years of cruising.

They have appeared in numerous comedy clubs, theatres, summer seasons and TV programmes worldwide.


John Lenahan, TIME OUT Magazine, London.

The Stage

Review - 3rd October 2002

"Tony and Yasmin Risotto bill themselves as a magic and illusion act. Yes, this is what they do but they add great fun to well known magic. Try and put your finger on why this is a good act and you cannot. Maybe it is Yasmin's belly dancing, maybe it is the zany manner in which Tony prances about the stage. Whatever it is, you end up not only laughing at them but loving them too."

Joy David



This unique and original act has toured the globe appearing in theatres, comedy clubs, on cruise ships, T.V. and radio, with billings alongside artistes including Bob Monkhouse, Les Dennis, Lee Evans, Norman Collier, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Wurzels, Ricky Vallance, Stan Bordman, John Lenahan, Alan Davis, Joe Pasquale and many more.....


phone (+44) 01202 740279

mobile: 07767 366433



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